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Frank Tedesco

Composer · Pianist · YouTuber

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Frank Tedesco (b. 1992) is an American composer for games, film, and other media. His compositional style often focuses on melodically-driven themes and ideas, strong percussive elements, and rhythmic electronics. He cites a few of his top musical influences as Nobuo Uematsu, David Wise, Koji Kondo, and Hiroyuki Sawano. Frank is also a classically trained pianist and a YouTuber. 

Frank is a graduate from The Hartt School of Music, where he majored in Composition and gained experience composing for games, film, commercials, and chamber ensembles. A highlight during his time at Hartt was composing and performing a piano piece for the current President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

It was at Hartt that Tedesco began his creative partnership with composer/pianist Zach Heyde. After creating a four-hand arrangement of "Sleigh Ride" for YouTube, the duo was hired part-time by Alfred Music Publishing and has completed 3 other arrangements for the company to date. Over the years Frank & Zach continued their collaborations, creating the sheet music webstore Stems Up Sound and founding Frank & Zach Piano Duets--a YouTube channel with over 225,000 subscribers.

With a strong interest in Japanese music and culture, Frank spent several months studying Japanese music and language at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka. His piano piece Kaisou was commissioned to be featured on KEY Japanese Visual Novel Studio’s 15th anniversary album. 

He is also a seasoned drummer with an adoration for interesting rhythms and intricate patterns. He spent over four years as a drummer and song-writer in a metal band based in New Jersey. Both this experience and his time in Japan have helped shape Frank's distinct sound over the years.

Frank also works as a remote Product Specialist for Korg USA traveling around the country creating video demonstrations and tutorials for various Korg products. 

Frank Tedesco recently released his third album of 2017, a retro-style video game work entitled Chipp. Additionally, he teaches online music lessons to students from all over the world.






Video Games, Film, Television, Commercials, Jingles


Arrangements, orchestration, and professionally notated transcriptions

online Lessons

Piano, Composition, Improvisation, Music theory, Drums/Percussion

  • 30 minutes = $35 USD

  • 45 minutes = $40 USD

  • 60 minutes = $45 USD

Lessons available via Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime


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